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Medicine of the Moon

Natural Guidance for Healing, Growth & Change

  • Explore your natural connection with the moon.

  • Discover the unique energies emanating in each phase of a lunar cycle.

  • Deepen understandings about how to navigate the cycles unfolding in your life.

  • Live in rhythm with New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.

  • Follow the moon as a guide for healing, transformation, and change.

  • Medicine of the Moon includes a variety of course materials for each phase of the lunar cycle: articles, medicine stories, videos, and a bundle of experiential practices to deepen your explorations and awaken your curiosity to learn more.

Medicine of the Moon

Follow the Moon as a Guide for Healing, Transformation & Change

About JoAnne Dodgson

JoAnne Dodgson

JoAnne Dodgson’s life is centered in the lineage of Ka Ta See and the path of the kala keh nah seh ~ healer, teacher, ceremonial guide, and weaver of webs of balance. She has been learning, living, and sharing the ways of the kala keh nah seh for over twenty years. JoAnne has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Holistic Health. As a therapist and community activist, she worked in trauma healing centers and college counseling centers. She has been on the faculty in Transpersonal Psychology, Women’s Studies, and Holistic Health programs. Earlier in her career, JoAnne was a teacher in public schools and residential programs for adolescents. She also served as the director of a women’s shelter. To share her passion for the healing medicine of stories, JoAnne has written several books including “Spirit of Chocolate: A Woman’s Journey to the Rainforest in Search of Her Dreams” and “UnLeashing Love.” She lives in the enchanted desert mesas of New Mexico.